Yelawolf Visuals for 'Mud Mouth' is funky as Fuck

Yelawolf Visuals for 'Mud Mouth' is funky as Fuck
Credit: @yelawolf

Rapper Singer-Songwriter Yelawolf's official music videos for 'Mud Mouth' is a cinematic masterpiece directed by Patrick Tohill. The trilogy of semi-connected visual narratives shines in its stunning cinematography, coloring, location, to engaging pacing.

Yelawolf embraces his Gadsden, Alabama roots to the fullest in the 'Mud Mouth' project, using the lyrics to tell a visually compelling story reflecting his life's journey.

I’ve hit as many sides on this album as I could to span my career thus far .. be it literally in verses or tipping the hat musically .. themed and based on an LSD trip .. and the life and death of a journey .. And although I’ve left bread crumbs over the years for fans to get hints about where I was going .. where I’m at, however .. or even where I dreamed to be now is much different than I anticipated .. all I can say with absolute certainty about the future .. is … I FUCKIN TOLD YOU SO !!! haha .. love you all and thank you .it’s been a hell of a ride so far . I’ll leave the keys in the box Chevy for ya !!

It follows up his videos 'Light As A Feather' 'Oh No'  'Bounce' 'Conoco' 'Dope' 'Rock At Your Window' 'Hillbilly Einstein', 'Money' 'Loser Wins Again' 'Dog House' 'Homeward Bound' 'Aquanet' and 'Hot'.

Credit: @yelawolf

Yelawolf makes the announcement that this will be his last rap project to date and hints at a forthcoming rock album titled Sometimes Y arriving sometime in 2022.

The music business is constantly moving forward. Change is constant, but the DNA of the music business never changes, and that's great music and great artists; without those two factors, we don't have a business. Yelawolf has the sauce. It may be his last rap project, but as one chapter ends, another begins,  change is constant and excited about what comes next for Yelawolf. It's sure to be a different kind of cool and funky as fuck!

I'm funky as fuck, that's all it is
For the honkies in trucks and the kids
Just a product of southern environment
Mason jar full of shine, I'ma twist the lid
Credit: @yelawolf

Stream Yelawolf's full-length studio album 'Mud Mouth' with guest appearances from Jelly Roll and Struggling Jennings.  Yelawolf's storytelling reflects on his career and life experiences rooted in a rural southern environment with each release.

He showcases his singing voice with soulful melodies to hard rhymes, spitfire flow, fast rapping playful wordplay.  Yelawolf has his own authentic sound and distinctive style, fusing country tones with his own kind of hip-hop.  


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