Why Hip Hop Needs Artists like Dax

Why Hip Hop Needs Artists like Dax
Credit: @thatsdax

The golden era of Hip Hop stems from the range of styles and the uniqueness of each artist; that's why Hip Hop needs artists like Dax, primarily because of the diversity of his sound, lyrics, style and flow.

I'm a fan of modern Trap and Drill music, but I don't expect to hear Dax played alongside the Migos at one-thirty in the morning in a nightclub, the same way you wouldn't hear a Biggie track played back to back with a Public Enemy song at nightclub or venue in the '90s.

It's not that they can't co-exist or that Dax can't be on a club track; instead, Dax is a facet of Hip Hop, an extension of the culture. You may want to listen to songs that let you fantasize about large bank accounts, dripping in jewels, bad bitches and sick whips, or tune into conscious rap songs that report on the communities from which they emerge.

Either way, having diversity in Rap and Hip Hop grows the genre immensely, and Dax, to me, shares that articulation and poetry of those who tap into complex rhyme schemes, unique words and phrases.

While at Newman University, Dax was a night janitor for two and a half years, hustling to finish his night shift duties early so he could sneak out and work on perfecting his craft, marketing himself and the business of the music industry.

Dax rose to fame for the music video of his song 'Cash Me Outside,' featuring Danielle Bregoli, stacking up twenty-two million views to date. Dax has then gone on to various other song remixes of artists such as Tupac, Eminem, and even Ed Sheeran.


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'Pain Paints Paintings' is Dax's debut 16 track studio album, produced by fellow producer LexNour Beats, and additional production from Pendo46, Raspo, and Trademark. The project serves as a follow-up to his 2020 EP, 'I'll Say It For You.'

The first track on the album 'Suffocating' is something that anybody who struggles can relate to, with lines like 'Fuck a hook, my pain isn't catchy,' Dax hones in on his raw struggles, primarily fame, pressure and anxiety. The minimal production by Raspo allows Dax to shine on this track, allowing us to hear every line.

'40 Days 40 Nights' could be the anthem to all of those who are hustling to make it and working around the clock, tirelessly to reach their goals and dreams; Dax clarifies once you've paid your dues, no one can take your destiny away.

I been fasting, I ain't eating
They sleep on me so fuck it I ain't sleeping
7 days without work makes one week
I ain't weak, I don't break so I'm working through the weekends

I've read the reviews of authors, peers, calling the album preachy, yet life blankets us in spirituality, religion, imperfections, perfection, pleasures and pains. With lines like 'Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt, Bein' real gets you hated, so tell me what it's worth?' from the track 'Searching For a Reason' solidifies that the project in totality is about as real and raw as it can get.

My Eyes Bleed was not an expected track, but it will hit your heart, soul and mind.

Pain has been where many of my words bleed from and this first Album was crafted from it. Hopefully, my pain can be somebodies healing.

I feel there is something in 'Pain Paints Paintings' for everyone at some point in their life, and in my opinion, Dax can only get better from this point on.

Dax sets the rap bar higher on his latest insane release of a twenty-minute, four thousand and six hundred worded one-take video, 'The Next Rap God 2,' where Dax raps raw rhymes and just nasty flows over a variety of beats, produced by Pendo46 and LexNour Beats.

The past rappers have taught, encouraged and inspired, and Dax continues to carry this torch forward; as Dax says, ‘You can't get this far without skills.'

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