ROSALÍA Seduces The Weeknd in 'La Fama' Steamy Visuals

ROSALÍA Seduces The Weeknd in 'La Fama' Steamy Visuals
Credit: @rosalia.vt

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía and the Weeknd have returned with another collaboration, following their Spanish remix of "Blinding Lights." 'La Fama' featuring the Weekend is the first release from Rosalía's upcoming album, 'Motomami,' which arrives in 2022.

“I wanted to write, in my own way, a bachata with a little story around ambition,” Rosalía said in a statement translated from Spanish. “Taking as a reference the lyrics of Ruben Blades or Patti Smith and the songs of Aventura, I ended up writing a story of romance with fame.”


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Julien Christian Lutz AKA Director X

ROSALÍA- LA Fama official Video ft. The Weeknd. Directed by Julien Christian Lutz, AKA Director X, and premiered on November 11th.

The scene opens up in a smoke-filled dimly-lit dinner nightclub with Actor Danny Trejo setting the tone and mood.' She's not for everyone; she will pierce your heart,' he warns. 'And she will be your only obsession. So get ready for some heat.' 'La Fama.'

Director X forces the audience to focus on Rosalía's sultry delivery of her little story around ambition with all her contradictions.

Rosalía appears oozing with sensuality wearing a silver metal Marilyn dress which takes inspiration from the famous Marilyn Monroe' 7 Year Itch' and Crystal Bikini by Natalia Fender.

The face, the body, and the low-pitched velvety voice is pure sensory overload with Rosalía's irresistible gestures of seduction and preening as she dances her way to The Weekend's table. They flirtatiously trade verses in Spanish as he gets caught in the snare of 'La Fama.'

Be careful what you wish for...

In fact, the conclusion to this piece, as relayed in the bridge, isn’t an unlikely one, as the two of them suddenly make an attempt to call it quits. Rather, what this song is actually meant to point out is how the lust for fame, “this obsession” as they call it, never actually disappears if you let it take over your soul. So it’s like once you get caught in the snare of 'La Fama', there’s no way out. SongMeaningAndFacts

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