Roqy Tyraid Returns With A lyrical Barrage In New Song'Gumbo.'

Roqy Tyraid Returns With A lyrical Barrage In New Song'Gumbo.'
Credit: @roqytyraid

After teaming up with DJ Green Lantern for his 2019 album 'Outbreak,' Roqy Tyraid returns in a new song and video titled 'Gumbo,' shot by Denver's own Luke Skyy.

The track is a callback to the heart of the early 90s rap, with production by NAMELESS. It was a time when it was cool to be different from the next artist, and Roqy Tyraid is successfully carrying that torch forward as a top-tier lyricist and activist with his lyrical style and cadence.

Roqy Tyraid is actively working in his communities, giving them the strength and voice they need. He has dedicated himself to working with others to fund the NOCAP department to create a buffer between the police and the community, and the W.E. Rising Project, a movement creating systemic change through peaceful protests.

By the People. For the People. There will always be forces that seek to disrupt our progress. As long as we continue to work, we are good. The real power behind protests is opening up a conversation with thousands of people, getting to expose the issues of police brutality and systemic racism to everyone.


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