Artist Kojey Radical Drops Visual for his New Single 'Gangsta'

Artist Kojey Radical Drops Visual for his New Single 'Gangsta'
Credit: @kojeyradical

Following the Lex Amor-assisted 'War Outside', Kojey Radical  'Gangsta' is the second single from his upcoming album, set to arrive in 2022 via Asylum Records.

'Speaking about the new track 'Gangster', Radical said: “Any time I come to a sense of reasoning or a sense of self, it’s normally because of the advice or presence of women around me, whether that’s my mum, my sisters or the mother to my son. This song is a celebration of those women and an appreciation of everything they’ve been through. For me, their ability to persevere through everything is the definition of what a gangster actually is.”

Director: Charlie Sarsfield @charlie.sarsfield
This one means a lot to me. I got my sister to help direct alongside the incredible Charlie Sarsfield, who knocked it out of the park, and I got my beautiful mother in a video for the first time the original Gangster.


Produced by Ed Thomas, Jay Weathers, KZ and Swindle

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Kojey Radical interview with Evening Standard: All my recent self-discoveries have come from the actions of women, ''We are all born with superpowers, says Kojey Radical. Whether we choose to use them or not is up to us.' 'Being creative isn't about limiting yourself to one medium,' Born in pre-hipster Hoxton, Kojey Radical is prismatic, determinedly woke, a real Renaissance man from the ends.

From the age of nine, Kojey Radical decided to see every form of expression as art, allowing each one to become a new language for him to communicate through.

“There are so many different kinds of art, and there are so many different ways to translate art, but essentially it’s a language. Everything that I’m exerting is attempting to become fluent in another language, another form of communication.

In 2016 discovered East London-based Artist Kojey Radical and fell in love with wordsmith's poetry and spoken word to cinematic rap and visual storytelling. A few of our favorites include  "Footsteps" off his 23Winter Album, 'Gallons', and 'Cashmere Tear'.

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