Kevin Holliday shares his latest release 'Expensive Taste'

Kevin Holliday shares his latest release  'Expensive Taste'
Credit: @holladaze

Kevin Holliday, the rising star from Brooklyn, premiered on Fader his new track 'Expensive Taste' produced by Chasen Smith and Keizo Fish. An animated lyric video accompanied the new song with animation by Zu Deleon. Holliday says, 'Expensive Taste' is written from two perspectives, about what you get when mixing money and lust.

Animation by Zu Deleon
Holliday tells The FADER. “When we made it, we were specifically channeling Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. That's by far my favorite album of his, so we sat and listened to it a bunch before we even started to make anything. We wanted something with a similar energy that built upon everything I've released until now.”


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Credit: @holladaze

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