How Snoop Dogg Is Going To Change The Algorithm

How Snoop Dogg Is Going To Change The Algorithm
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Super Group Mount Westmore, made up of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Too $hort, release their highly-anticipated single, Big Subwoofer, from Snoop Dogg's upcoming collection, 'The Algorithm.'

The video directed by Jesse Wellens & Sam Macaroni is a sci-fi-inspired galactic party with alien strippers, an astronaut Shiba Inu on planet Snoopiter.

There is an additional hidden prequel track listed as directors cut below the 'Big Subwoofer' video. The single, 'Fuck You' featuring Dem Jointz & Jenn Em features an alien jazz singer (Chris Brewer) with a husky voice singing a catchy intro mantra 'Fuck You, Kiss My Ass, Die Slow, Your Life is Trash.'

Snoop has been on a personal mission to change the current algorithm of what listen to today by putting feeling back into music.

There’s so much talent on this record, so many styles of music, it breaks the algorithm. Right now, the algorithm is telling us you have to rap this way, you have to sound this way, but they’re not telling you how it’s supposed to feel. My algorithm is going to give you a feeling, not a sound.

Growing up in the '90s, I get excited when I hear the OG names like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Too $hort have formed a Hip Hop Avengers-styled group.

One of my first introductions to rap was 'I'm A Player' by Too $hort. The impact of the first few bars he raps 'You see I made up my mind when I was seventeen, I ain't with no marriage and a weddin' ring; I be a player fo' life so where's my wife,' along with the sound and cadences, I became a life long fan.

Ice Cube is one of rap's best writers; he combines attitude, charisma with intelligence, and clever lyrics that cut through any beat he raps over. When I heard 'Death Certificate' for the first time, it was the darkest, angriest album that plays like an in-depth documentary of life as a young black male in South Central Los Angeles.

E-40 is Hip Hop royalty, period. His rap career has spanned decades, with an original style, never duplicated, and is still making hits today. I heard E-40 for the first time at the 'Cheers' nightclub on the remix to the classic Luniz track 'I Got 5 On It.'

The first time I heard Snoop, known as Snoop Doggy Dogg at the time, was on Dr. Dre's 'Nuthin' but a G Thang.' The 'Doggfather' has a style, cadence, and laid-back tone that reflects his weed-infused lifestyle.  Talk about rags to riches Snoop Dogg was in jail and contributed his verse from lock-up. The iconic song went on to impact pop culture massively.

It's a moment reminiscent of when had 'Westside Connection' a hip-hop supergroup formed by Mack 10, WC, and Ice Cube. I've always advocated that Hip Hop is not dead; it just needs to diversify again into different sounds and styles like that of the '90s, and if Snoop is on a mission to change the algorithm, I'm all for it.


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