Boslen Puts Vancity On The Map With Debut Album' DUSK TO DAWN'

Boslen Puts Vancity On The Map With Debut Album' DUSK TO DAWN'
Credit: @boslen

Vancouver singer/rapper Boslen showcases his talent on his recently released debut album 'DUSK TO DAWN,' Featuring guest spots from Tyla Yaweh, Vory, Dro Kenji, Rascalz, and Charmaine.

When one thinks of Canadian Hip Hop, mainstream artists like Drake and the Weekend are often at the top of the conversation., but Bolsen and his team Chaos Club Digital worked relentlessly to create a timeless project and bring their full vision to reality.

This Project puts Bolsen and Vancouver on the map; It's dark, emotional, and atmospheric with layers of textures and moods. Bolsen delves deep into his state of mind, reflecting on his highs and lows. The album draws from elements of psychologist Carl Jung's theory of the shadow self.

Bolsen lyricism and flow over various Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, and Alternative production is why he is a multi-faceted artist to watch.

The first Video of Bolsen we watched was 'Deny' featuring Los Angeles artist Tyla Yaweh, directed by Bailey Wood and Natasha Dion. It's a softer, mellow-style R&B joint that visually depicts the emotional complexities of a relationship. It's one of our favorite tracks on the album.

This is probably the most important song I’ve ever made,” he says. “It is the only song I’ve ever made that right when I made it I started crying. It felt like a weight off of my chest, like I finally acknowledged the fact that what I wanted the most at one point in my life was the worst thing for it

His recent video release is 'Forsaken' Directed by Cole Muters, produced by Jacob Green, and Creative Directed by Natasha Dion. The video visualizes an unfiltered tormenting battle that people face when seeing the end of a relationship before it arrives.


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